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OUT NOW: Stillness by Pulvil

Subtle, effective and affecting; the latest album from Canada’s prolific Pulvil is an album born out of global lockdowns and their reverberations on both the personal and public psyche.

The album, a reflection on all of the events of the past year - the good, the bad and the neutral - can be appreciated by listening to it in a variety of moods and settings; it provides a space for your mind to breathe, to take in everything that could well have overwhelmed you and put it to one side. These are pure ambient songs and soundscapes; appropriate for sleeping, meditating, or relaxing to.

With a sense of time distorted throughout 2020 and into 2021, days blended into one another, causing everything to fall still; inspiring the title of the record and in turn, creating a meditative piece of ambient work that expresses music's ability to unify contrasting conceptions of time.

Pulling in influences as wide ranging as GAS, Aphex Twin, Boris and My Bloody Valentine, Pulvil has crafted a piece of work that owes a debt to the past while maintaining its foothold in the present, and its eyes on the future.

With new themes being explored on each release, Pulvil’s work is always unique - and Stillness is no exception.

Available to purchase now on Bandcamp - streaming on all major platforms.

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