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OUT NOW: High Functioning by High Functioning

The intoxicated and intoxicating proto-punk / sub-metal of High Functioning’s self-titled debut EP throws three tracks of psycho-delic rock’n’roll right at you, pummeling your eardrums with a motorik heartbeat suffering from palpitations.

This is a fast and furious record; a juggernaut thundering along the autobahn with the windows down and volume at full whack.

Think the Stooges, think the MC5, think Can and think The Fall.

High Functioning have coalesced their influences into something new, and like the virus, this EP mutates; audio cave paintings depict early risers hell-bent on thriving in a fever dream, cash sweat London economy.

The EP was recorded live with Grammy award winning producer Liam Watson at London's Toe Rag Studios in the last days of the old normal.

Available to purchase now on Bandcamp - streaming on all major streaming platforms.

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